Director Producer Electronic Arts EA Tokyo

Job Description
You will lead the project of mobile games as a producer / director of the Company's Japan studio.
Presents the product of vision, please become a creator hold its All Rights. And created a team, as its operators, and yours to inspire members toward the goal to produce a AAA-class game.
reportedly a game element that becomes in charge of the title of nuclear appropriately to team members, and to create an environment like capitalize the success stories of the members of ideas and game industry in the works.
We want to control the quality of products and user experience in general.

Lead programmer, lead artists, game designers, in cooperation with key members such as Product Manager, so that it is able to generate high-quality work without the need to over the budget and duration, established a production environment to enhance the work efficiency of the team, workflow Knead and business plan.
And build internal and external organization and good relations, it is possible to go nurtured to keep it, to increase the current and the quality of the development process in the future.
Game market trends and patterns, it is studied such as the user's request, and transmits it.
so exciting and fun work environment and team culture is born, to define the rules of work goals and a team with a passion.
It manages the day-to-day operations related throughout to proceed efficiently by conscious priority.
To boost the site as a member of the development team of Japan, to participate in other activities in-house or perform feedback to the game being developed as necessary.
Produce of commercial deployment has been game on a mobile phone and social platform, director experience.
It is familiar with all aspects of game development, giving programming, artwork, an indication such as different departments design, there is the ability to oversee.
Scrum (agile) software development experience.
Analysis of force on the game and system design.
The understanding of the social game market in Japan.
We're familiar with the Japanese social game design (card battle model).
We are familiar with the workings of the "Gacha".
Numerical analysis experience, such as click-through rate, knowledge of specification production and product development of commercial-oriented.
And inspire a team toward a common goal, given the appropriate instructions.
To handily positive, can the team management with a foresight.
Games and virtual world, the passion for social networks.
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